I often walk by Hambone’s grave. It’s situated on a peaceful bank beside the River Arle in Alresford. Sometimes, I see handfuls of wildflowers left there by children on their way home from the park, or a rubber ball dropped by a dog-walker. Other times, I see poppies placed in memory of Hambone and his comrades – the GIs who were stationed in Alresford from November 1943 to June 1944.

Hambone was the pet dog of the 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Division, US Army. He entertained and comforted the men as they prepared for D-Day. Children, dog walkers and the Royal British Legion honour them with gifts at Hambone’s grave. And this is my gift: a blog about Alresford’s memories of that special time. I’m starting today, the anniversary of D-Day, and will write my last post on November 13th, Remembrance Sunday 2016.

I’ll be bringing my two sons, The Minnows, more or less willingly to the events and museums that I visit for research purposes this summer. My husband, who would like his online name to be Pike, will be our official photographer.

Iris Crowfoot

Photo credit: HampshireCam