Bursting through Utah Beach

We couldn’t resist visiting the Utah Beach D-Day Museum on our way home from our holiday in France this summer, to see where Hambone Junior’s comrades  landed after they crossed The Channel on D-Day+4.


Little Minnow had a go at controlling a LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel), which would have deposited an entire platoon of soldiers onto the beach in 1944



IMG_7545_LRI spotted an Alligator (Landing Vehicle Tracked)





and a DUCKW which I recently blogged about in my post on Driving Alligators along a Sheep Track





and Big Minnow contemplated this ‘Deuce-and-a-Half’ (2 and half ton) truck. 5,958 of these vehicles supplied about 12,500 tons of materiel per day in ‘The Red Ball Express’ to the Allied Divisions as they swept through Northern France.



Sadly, a ‘Deuce-and-a half’ ran poor Hambone Junior over just before the 47th Regiment left Alresford.

Iris Crowfoot


You Tube World War II – Red Ball Express

The Utah Beach D-Day Museum

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