Smart Alec the Spiv

We met Smart Alec on a steam train in War on the Line yesterday. He offered a prize from his cardboard suitcase if either of The Minnows could tell him Mr. Churchill’s job. Big Minnow was inspired and said, ‘He’s the Prime Minister, I think ?’ The case was opened, scattering vintage ladies’ underwear and a crumpled bag of sweets over our table. Alec debated the pros and cons of Kit-Kats and toffee drumsticks with us until we alighted at Alton, both types of sweet clasped in the minnows’ sticky little fists.
Can you see the pink nylon stocking overflowing from Smart Alec’s top pocket ?Perhaps I should have introduced him to Julie who tried on the hat in my post yesterday? But later I saw Alec on the platform, demonstrating a folding mirror attached to the bottom of his walking stick to a passing GI, ‘Specially designed for looking up a lady’s skirt, this is!’ Just as well I didn’t.

Iris Crowfoot

Mid Hants Railway Ltd ‘Watercress Line’

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