What did Hambone Junior look like?

Sarah Bridges, owner of Sarah’s Sandwich Shop in West Street, has lived and worked in Alresford all her life. I asked her what she could remember about the Hambone Junior legend.

‘I can remember going along the river path as we were children and it was always fascinating. But it wasn’t until I was an adult I even knew what it was all about.’

‘Any of the charity quizzes in Alresford and Hambone comes up. And so I looked him up online after a quiz.’

I looked him up online too, and discovered that he  is remembered as a ‘brown and white, scruffy little terrier’, whose original name was Whisky and who belonged to a lady friend of the American troops. When the GIs adopted him as a regimental pet, they re-named him in honour of a cook whose nickname was Hambone.

Sarah kindly agreed that Pike could photograph Talluah, her lovely brown and white Jack Russell x Chihuahua, for this blog. Nobody could call Tallulah a ‘scruffy little terrier’ in her smart red and white bandana though, could they?

Iris Crowfoot


Sarah’s Sandwich Shop

Tribute to the 47th Infantry Regiment 9th Division

Alresford Heritage

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